The world in which Sarenia exists has a universal set of Gods. This is because the Gods are closely tied to the sorcerers, which exist everywhere in the world, and because there are many documented encounters between people of every country and Gods from the same pathenon.

Each sorcerer has a Patron God associated with their power type. It is believed that the Gods hand-pick each sorcerer and imbue them with their powers. People of each sorcerer type tend to have similar interests or personalities, which fuels this belief.

There are seventeen Gods:

Lefyrin *

God of life, movement, energy, pain, and humor. Patron God of Lifebringers.

Larosri *

Goddess of storms, control, craftiness, and manipulation. Patron Goddess of Stormbringers.

Gweligen *

Goddess of languages, peace, charisma, and animals. Patron Goddess of Speakers.

Sheolida *

Goddess of protection, courage, defenders, and honor. Patron Goddess of Shieldmakers.

Theoloden *

God of death, remorse, redemption, and altruism. Patron God of Ghostspeakers.

Reygreon *

God of fire, power, knowledge, and reading/writing. Patron God of Flamestarters.


God of future, foresight, and empathy. Patron God of Oracles.


God of confidence, healing, and compassion. Patron God of Healers.


God of wind, cruelty, and honesty. Patron God of Windmakers.


Goddess of vengeance, justice, determination, and collaboration. Patron Goddess of Cursemakers.


Goddess of water, confusion, and creativity. Patron Goddess of Watermovers.


Goddess of change, attraction, and children. Patron Goddess of Shapeshifters.


God of earth, growth, and plants. Patron God of Earthmovers.


Goddess of detection, intuition, mental strength, and independence. Patron Goddess of Powersensers.


Goddess of fickleness, deception, and trickery. Patron Goddess of Illusionists.


God of discovery, destruction, and arrogance. Patron God of Mindinvaders.


Goddess of travel, imagination, and tolerance. Patron Goddess of Vanishers.

*Lefyrin, Larosri, Gweligen, Sheolida, Theoloden, and Reygreon are the Imperial Six.

The Imperial Six rule over the others and the rest of the mortal plane, making the rules and keeping the peace. These six interfere the most with the politics of the world of Sarenia, and pay the most attention to mortal events and people.